Sunday, March 6, 2011

30 Days in Pictures: Day 4

My typical night is spent having fun with Dane and Jude. This picture is not at our house. It is actually at hotel, but it explains what we do at night. In this picture Dane and Jude are making faces in the mirror. As you can see they are quite the pair. Jude and I have so much fun together all day, but the fun doesn’t get REALLY exciting until Daddy comes home. When Dane comes home from work, we rush to the door to greet him. Jude barely stays in my arms because he is reaching so excitedly for his dad while looking out the window. When Dane gets in, we give him loves, eat dinner, play games, read, give Judebear a bath, say our prayers, and then put the little man to bed. After Jude is tucked in, Mommy and Daddy try to get some together time. I love my nights with my boys!

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  1. :) Some of my sweetest memories of my boys and their daddy is from our evenings together :) I love reading all your posts and praise God for how much he has blessed your life!