Thursday, April 29, 2010

Up and Running Again!

Some may know and some may not...but our latest "news." On Tuesday evening I went into early labor with the little one. I was feeling cramps, but I did not think they were contractions. I had been to the midwife earlier that day and they told me to rest. I was a good little momma and rested. However, the cramps did not go away. I was supposed to call the midwives back if I had 6 in an hour. By the time Dane got home...I had had 12. I still wasn't going to call because I just didn't think it was too much...There is always something weird in pregnancy. THANK GOODNESS FOR DANE! He told me to call the midwives just to check. Well, they wanted me to come in and get hooked up to some monitors that would show the contractions. Sure enough, they were real. Luckily, they gave me a shot and got the labor stopped in time, and no baby yet! wheeew!

I had to go on bed rest for a little over a day, but at my appointment today they told me I could go back to my normal schedule with a few modifications as long as the contractions don't start again. So, I'm trying to take care of myself. I know no one is, but I AM NOT A GOOD BED-RESTER! I like my outside sunshine! :) I'll tell you one thing that makes you listen to your body. The fear that if you don't you will be stuck in your bed until your baby comes!

Thanks all for your prayers and thoughtfulness. You are all so sweet.

As far as the little one: He's doing great as far as we know. He's moving around like crazy and his heartbeat is good. :) We can't wait to meet him. Hopefully he'll be a bit early...just not too early. I know, I'll have my cake and eat it too. :)

Another exciting thing: Because of the pre-labor contractions (which are not so good) we get to have another ultrasound and see the little guy again (which is very good!)

Tomorrow TGIF: I'm garage-sale-ing!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Child of God: A Book of Birthdays and Days in Between Child of God: A Book of Birthdays and Day in Between (9781568541785): Gertrud Mueller Nelson: Books

Just thought I would share this baby book. I received it from one of my sister-in-laws in the mail. If you are looking for a baby book to be creative with and make your own, this is the one! :) I love it because it focuses on the religious aspects of your babies growth. It contains Bible Verses, prayers, sections for baptism, first communion, conformation etc. I cannot wait to start working on it for the little Junebug. :) If you or someone you know is going to have a baby soon, I think it's a wonderful gift to give yourself...or someone else...and ultimately the little one you are writing it about. :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

The Countdown!

Look to the right side of the screen. You see what the "baby ticker" says??? 30 WEEKS! That means 10 weeks left...give or take a few days here and there if he comes early or late! Sometimes, this short 10 weeks feels like an eternity. Other times, it seems to fly by. So much to do, yet I can't wait to meet our little guy! :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Today is a beautiful day! It is 82 degrees with a slight breeze! I need the swimming pool! :) Beautiful weather = GRILL TIME! Anybody have any good ideas of what to grill? We have done the usual already...burgers, brats, hot dogs, steaks...And we will surely be doing those again. However, if you have any other good ideas, let me know!

Some fun BABY news: Our little guy got the hiccups for the first time today! :) I was teaching a little girl writing when I felt this slight, rhythmic movement. At first I thought, "What is that?" Then I realized HICCUPS! I had to text Dane right away. It's amazing how excited I get for his firsts...even while he's still in the womb. World, watch out when he comes out...I may be a slight basket-case!

Also: As I mentioned before, you can see the baby move on the outside. I didn't think any of the students would notice, but sure enough one did. A boy with autism exclaimed, "Mrs. Miller! Mrs. Miller! Your baby is moving. He's going to break your water! We need to get you to the hospital!" I reassured the student that the baby was just moving and I would be okay. However, I truly do appreciate his concern. I know I'm in good hands! :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Bridgette's Baptism

This Sunday we celebrated Bridgette Veronica's Baptism.
"I have called you by name and you are mine." -Isaiah 43:1

Friday with the Little Man

You want to know some of my best days? My days with my nephew Isaac! :) This Friday his daycare was closed, so I watched him. We have so much fun!
Here are some things we do:
*play, play, and play some more (We even got to go OUTSIDE this time!)
*Say our prayers....Sometimes Isaac doesn't make it too far, so we pray for his mom and dad to have a good day first! :)
*Did I mention, we play, EAT, and nap???
I guess our days may not consist of much, but we sure have a good time. :)

Here is a picture of the little guy. I thought he was so funny because he must have been tired. He wasn't cranky or anything. He just put his pacifier in his mouth, grabbed his blanket, and started to head up the stairs. How is that for an easy nap time? Baby Boy Miller could really take some tips from his cousin.
Love you little man!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pregnancy Pictures

Along with spending some time with family for Easter, we also got some pregnancy and family pictures taken. Lets just say, we had A LOT OF FUN!

As far as news in the pregnancy. I just had my 28
week appointment. The "fun" one with glucola, blood draws, and a shot. However, things seem to be going well, and this little boy is very active! We saw him move on the outside for the first time while sitting in church. Let's just say we had a little trouble concentrating on anything but him! My belly was doing quite the little dance! We sure love him already! :)

Girls Girls Girls!

Meet our Nieces: Bridgette Veronica and Avery Eden!
This is Bridgette Veronica being held by her older brother, Peter. (who is quite the helper by the way.)

This is Avery Eden! I didn't get the best picture of her because she liked to sleep while we were there. :) Don't worry, I got to pick on her a little bit. :)
It was fun to add a bit more PINK in our lives! Remember when I shared this Clown Cake? Well, I tried it out for the first time this past weekend. When we went to see our new baby nieces we brought their brothers a "Big Brother Cake." Here it is!

I think the boys enjoyed it. Their reactions were so funny. Mason loved to blow out the Birthday candles. Who cares about cake when you can blow out the candles, right? :) Peter wanted to make sure got to eat all of himself. Maybe we should have left a little more white space...then Mom and Dad could have some too! :) And Henry, Well, Henry doesn't care what parts he eats as long as it is SUGAR! :) We love our growing family.

New Blog!

Little do my readers know, I have been annoyed by my previous blog ( because my old blog was under my old email address, so every time I wanted to get into my blog, I had to sign out of my new email address. This equals slight annoyance. on my part. So, here it is, my new blog. Everything should be about the same, it just makes life a bit easier for me. I'll pick up right where I left off with the old one! Please become a follower of this one, as I will no longer be writing on the previous one.