Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Girls Girls Girls!

Meet our Nieces: Bridgette Veronica and Avery Eden!
This is Bridgette Veronica being held by her older brother, Peter. (who is quite the helper by the way.)

This is Avery Eden! I didn't get the best picture of her because she liked to sleep while we were there. :) Don't worry, I got to pick on her a little bit. :)
It was fun to add a bit more PINK in our lives!
http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Rainbow-Clown-Cake/Detail.aspx Remember when I shared this Clown Cake? Well, I tried it out for the first time this past weekend. When we went to see our new baby nieces we brought their brothers a "Big Brother Cake." Here it is!

I think the boys enjoyed it. Their reactions were so funny. Mason loved to blow out the Birthday candles. Who cares about cake when you can blow out the candles, right? :) Peter wanted to make sure got to eat all of himself. Maybe we should have left a little more white space...then Mom and Dad could have some too! :) And Henry, Well, Henry doesn't care what parts he eats as long as it is SUGAR! :) We love our growing family.

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