Sunday, May 30, 2010

baby shower and pregnant hot summer days

I'm playing catch-up. Here are some pictures from my second baby shower where I was blessed with great company, fun memories, and lots of stuff for the babes. This is my cousin Becky. She did a little devotional about God's love while presenting baby stuff. So cute! I'll have to post the devo when I get it in case you want to pass it along to some new momma. I know I want to! :) Also, notice the diaper cake?!? Love those sweet things handmade things. Thanks Jenn!

And here I am with the travel swing my mom, aunt, and grandma got me. Thanks! I can't wait to put him in it! :)

We are looking forward to the little guy's appearance. The midwives said I'm far enough along that I don't have to worry about going into pre-term labor anymore. If labor begins, they will just let me go! :) wooo hooo! The irony? The contractions have slowed. However, when he does come, I think we are ready, logistically at least. (Emotionally/Physically may be another story:)This weekend we put together some of his "accessories" and installed the car seat bases into the cars! Come on little guy, we are ready for you! :) Did I mention it's hot and I swell like an elephant and look all blotchy?!? It is very attractive! Fun times. ;)

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