Friday, February 25, 2011

"...Every Dance on the Kitchen Floor..."

I normally like to have pictures with my blog posts. It makes them more interesting/fun to read. Fun to look back on and remember. Well, this one I don't have a picture for because some moments you don't want to stop to get the camera. During a busy day of running around trying to get oh too many things done my husband turns on the music. Stops me in the kitchen. In the middle of everything. And asks for a dance. Perfect moment. The only thing that made this moment sweeter is our little boy looked at us with the cutest little grin like he wanted to join in too. Of course we let him. It's the little moments in life really. The moments where the three of you take a second out of your busy day just to dance. I love my husband! He reminds me to slow down and enjoy life! I hope wherever you are at you get to dance today. :)

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