Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Stormy Night Adventures

Well, some of you may have heard that our area was struck with tornadic winds and left our town with some damage. However, everyone is okay, and I would say we did our best to turn it into an adventure. The tornado sirens went off about 3 AM. We went to the basement and waited it out. Decided to go back upstairs to get some sleep and an hour later the sirens went off again. Needless to say, we slept on the futon in the basement. Nothing like nursing your child in complete darkness and trying to change them while your husband holds a flashlight....awww memories, right?

We were without electricity for about nine hours and had some limbs fall from the trees, but praise Jesus. We are all okay, and our house is completely in tact.

Here are some pictures of the morning after the storm.

~I have to say that both my husband and my son were troopers cleaning up after the storm. Jude sat in the shade and supervised while Dane and I got the yard all in order~

Another "Jude Sidenote" Anybody have any ideas for getting a brand new infant to wake up during the day and sleep at night? I will try anything. My baby is a good baby at night, he just wants to play when it's sleep time and sleep during what should be play time! Oh, thank goodness for coffee and love.

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