Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Our weekend was spent being leisurely and enjoying some time in the sun. Yesterday my mom came and helped us start to plant our garden. (Previously, there were some bushes in the space. As you will soon find out, I have a curse when it comes to caring for anything green and these poor darling bushes died right after we signed the papers for this house.) My mother has the green thumb of the family. I do not. So, it is just the beginning of a little flower garden. However, before we could plant the garden, we had to go plant shopping because I didn't even know what beauties I liked/wanted for our space. For now, we decided on deep pink lilies and hastas. I'm thinking we need to add some Delilahs too. Here is my sweet momma and husband getting it all started.

Hopefully I will be able to keep these plants alive. Let's just say, I have never kept a plant alive in my life. I have always resorted to putting them up for adoption, and it is my momma who revives their wilted leaves. Positive thoughts: These are outside plants not inside plants. Maybe I will have better luck...(Oh yeah. Those bushes were "outside plants" too. sigh. :)

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  1. I killed plants all the time untill I had a baby! I swear it's the key!